Fitbit partners with RECCO to integrate its renowned rescue reflector technology to make wearers more searchable by professional rescuers.

From the mountains to the beach, from the jungle to the desert and from the city to the country, Fitbit fitness watches have allowed active and adventurous individuals to reach their fitness goals regardless of the terrain, conditions or location. Now users of Fitbit’s Versa family of smartwatches have an added layer of safety and searchability in every environment and situation as RECCO has partnered with Fitbit to offer exclusive RECCO woven bands featuring RECCO’s reflector technology.

Now available for all of Fitbit’s Versa family of watches, the RECCO band features RECCO’s inert reflector technology that needs no charging or batteries. With the integration of RECCO reflectors, Fitbit’s Versa line continues Fitbit’s tradition of innovative smart watch technology, with advanced health, fitness and smart features to elevate every moment which now include the exciting addition of searchability.

“We are very excited to have Fitbit on board for the coming season,” says Fredrik Steinwall, CEO at RECCO. “As we are developing into a year-round search and rescue system it is important to give more people the opportunity to be searchable, together with Fitbit we will be able to offer our technology to a broader audience.”

“We know our customers have many interests when it comes to their fitness activities with Fitbit,” said Tim Rosa, CMO of Fitbit. “By partnering with RECCO to integrate its patented rescue reflector technology into our Versa smartwatches bands, we’re able to offer even more options to outdoor enthusiasts with added safety and peace of mind, especially for tackling their favorite sports and adventures like snowboarding, mountain biking, skiing, backcountry fishing and hiking. And, when paired with other RECCO equipped gear and apparel from top brands like Patagonia and Arc’Teryx, people are more searchable. As someone who’s passionate about the backcountry myself, and also given the rise in avalanches in recent years, I’m especially excited about this partnership.”

With the rapid development and rollout of the RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector system, which can search a 250 acre area within six minutes and which is currently deployed in 12 locations across Europe and three locations in North America, the evolution of RECCO technology from avalanche rescue to year-round search and rescue is proceeding quickly, providing outdoor brands such as Fitbit the opportunity to integrate RECCO reflectors into their product lines ensuring that the outdoor enthusiasts who rely upon technical gear for their adventures have an additional layer of safety and rescuability when they venture into the wilderness.

The exclusive RECCO woven band is available for $59.95 (not including watch) at Compatible with the complete line of Fitbit Versa products, the RECCO technology is lightweight, requires no power and allows you to focus more on what you love to do.


For more safety information, download RECCO The Plan.