Press release
décembre 20, 2023

Optimism As a Driving Force

Part 4 of 4When RECCO’s founder, Magnus Granhed, presented the first RECCO Detector prototype in Zermatt, he thought that it would take three years before the system could spread globally. Ultimately, it took 30 years, a healthy dose of persistence, hard w...
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Julia Granhed
Communication Manager

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181 55 Lidingö, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)8 731 59 50

Press release
novembre 23, 2023

RECCO Launches New Rescue Reflector For Lightweight Garments 

RECCO, manufacturer of advanced rescue technology, in partnership with Helly Hansen will debut the Helly Hansen Odin Everdown Hooded Jacket, the first product that uses the new RECCO reflector 742LT. The reflector design is incredibly compact, lightweight ...
Press release
novembre 16, 2023

RECCO continue to build global network with the launch of two RECCO SAR Helicopter Detectors in France

Two RECCO SAR Helicopter Detectors were placed this summer in the mountainous zones of the Alps and Pyrenees in France, aiding year-round search-and-rescue (SAR) operations in these two ranges. Based in the towns of Morzine and Ancizan, the units are the f...
Press release
novembre 09, 2023

Spokane Regional Air Support Unit adds RECCO search-and-rescue helicopter detector system

Second helicopter detector in Washington state marks the first state with two helicopter units, a growing search tool network. RECCO, the advanced rescue technology manufacturer, this month launched its eighth RECCO SAR helicopter detector system in the US...
Press release
novembre 01, 2023

A Technological Innovation Driven By 40 Years of Rescue Partnerships

Part 3 of 4In 1983, Magnus Granhed traveled to Zermatt with the first prototype of the R1 RECCO detector. His meeting with Beat Perren, founder of Air Zermatt, and Bruno Jelk, head of rescue in Zermatt, marked an important milestone for the future of the R...
Press release
octobre 26, 2023

Switzerland fully covered by the RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector System

Four helicopter detectors are now ready for use throughout Switzerland at the locations of Zermatt, Sion, Samedan and Lauterbrunnen. The latest two detectors were placed earlier this year. The RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector in Samedan is operated by HeliBer...
Press release
septembre 14, 2023

A Collaboration That Makes A Difference

Part 2 of 4RECCO was founded 40 years ago after a tragic avalanche accident spurred the founder to take on the task of making more people searchable. At the company's start, it was focused on winter-specific activities, but RECCO's applicability has expand...