Rapid Outdoor

The new RECCO® Helicopter Detector allows professional rescuers to perform rapid searches for missing people in the outdoors year-round.


From avalanche rescue to year-round search and rescue

The RECCO SAR Helicopter Detector is based on RECCO’s renowned rescue technology applied for avalanche rescue. The detector sends out a cone like search signal which is returned by the passive RECCO reflector.

Flying at a speed up to 100 km/h the detector scans the area beneath the helicopter with a corridor up to 100 m wide. The SAR helicopter detector can cover 1 km2 of forests, mountain terrain, rivers or shores within 6 minutes. The detector is designed to search in the outdoors as opposed to dense urban areas.

Being searchable enables rescuers
to help faster



Currently covered reagions include parts of Austria, Canada, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and USA with new areas being added all the time.


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