FORLOH Extends Its Partnership with RECCO Technology, Adding More Searchable Products

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September 15, 2021

Hunters are dedicated and committed. Their passion takes them to some of the most remote and wild places on the planet, while closer to home, they seek out the untrammelled: locations off the marked trails where few other humans tread. FORLOH - the first hunting brand to integrate RECCO rescue reflectors into their outerwear in 2020 – is expanding their line of “searchable” hunting gear by integrating RECCO reflectors into more products, such as their new lightweight AllClima Airalite 3-Layer Jacket, adding an additional layer of safety during the hunt in case a hunter has a mishap or becomes lost.


Most people who spend time in the great outdoors aren’t trying to be invisible, but that’s certainly the case for hunters, who rely on being undetectable in order to stalk their prey. But the very thing that helps them in their hunt becomes a liability in an emergency," says James Dodkin, FORLOH’s VP of Marketing.

"This is why FORLOH partners with RECCO®, a technology that makes the user easier to locate in the event of an emergency and helps to increase the margin of safety for those spending time outdoors,” continues Dodkin.

By making their customers searchable, FORLOH is increasing the margin of safety with added searchability to professional rescue teams worldwide. The RECCO SAR helicopter detector, used by professional rescuers, can cover large areas quickly. Searching from a height of 100 meters with a search area of approximately 100 meters wide, rescuers can cover a 1 kmarea within 6 minutes. This technology could make a great difference when searching the kinds of complex and difficult terrain that hunters frequent.

RECCO rescue reflectors are commonly found in outdoor clothing and equipment, such as backpacks, hiking shoes and helmets.

“We are excited to develop our partnership further with FORLOH, adding more RECCO equipped products. The hunting segment is an important outdoor group since they do not want to be visible, yet possible to find in case something goes wrong…” says Fredrik Steinwall, CEO at RECCO.

Currently there are 21 RECCO SAR Helicopter Detectors globally, with in North America and 14 units deployed across Europe. The latest deployments Alaska State Troopers (USA)Alpine Helicopters (CAN) and a RECCO SAR helicopter detector based out of Abruzzo operated by Italy’s CNSAS.

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Julia Granhed, Communications Manager

RECCO® advanced rescue technology makes outdoor enthusiasts searchable to rescuers in case of an avalanche accident or when lost in the outdoors. The technology builds on a two-part radar system. Rescuers carry RECCO® detectors that send out search signals which are echoed by RECCO® reflectors, carried by the user. RECCO® detectors are used worldwide at more than 900 ski resorts and mountain rescue organizations in 32 countries. RECCO® reflectors are integrated into select apparel, helmets, protection gear and boots manufactured by more than 150 leading outdoor brands. RECCO AB was founded in 1983 in Sweden and is owned by its founder Magnus Granhed and the publicly traded investment company Traction AB (listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm). More info at recco.com

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