Starting from the 2024 Spring season, climbing permits for ascents of all mountains in Nepal will require mandatory search and rescue equipment. RECCO reflectors comply with this new regulation.

Application Instructions

How to apply your reflector?

RECCO recommends wearing multiple reflectors on opposite sides of the body for maximum effect.

Ensure that the reflector is securely attached to prevent loss. A lost reflector can cause a “false positive” signal in an emergency, leading to delayed rescue response.

Recommended positions:

Please note that this is a special application that applies only to climbers in Nepal.

Preferred option - Harness:

Tightly secured with thin dyneema cord using the two holes.

2nd option - Necklace:

Firmly attached to your necklace and above your second layer. RECCO logo facing outwards.

RECCO Rescue Technology

A two-part system

1. The detector, which is used by the rescue team, sends out a directional radar signal and the reflector echoes this signal back to the detector.

2. The reflector is a small, passive antenna. It requires no power, or activation to function and has an unlimited lifespan. It does not wear out nor deteriorate through intended usage.

3. More than 150 brands integrate reflectors into their clothing and gear.

Be Equipped

How to get reflectors?

1. First, check if your clothes or equipment already have integrated reflectors.  

2. In Nepal, RECCO backpack reflectors can be purchased at NNMGA office, Everest Outfit Shop in Kathmandu, Thamel and Samatra Trading in Balwatar, Kathmandu (retail price USD 27).

3. A reflector will be included in your gear provided by your Expedition Agency (retail price USD 27).

Detector Coverage Nepal

Detectors in Nepal

12 RECCO handheld detectors are strategically dispatched at all 8000ers base camps and helicopter bases in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

To locate a person with a detector, the buried or missing person has to be equipped with a RECCO rescue reflector.